We love Navionics!
We love Navionics!

Before rushing into buying a big, expensive, power-hungry plotter for your yacht take a look at the Navionic App.

A touch-pad plotter of this ease-of handling and quality would set you back at least $3000, plus the costs of installing it.

Yet the App is just $45 if you already own an Iphone/Ipad or their Android equivalent.

The maps are easy to download and are free once you bought the App.

Unlike the cumbersome Chart Plotters that usually stay put in the cockpit, with the occasional (and very expensive repeater at the chart table), Navionics will go everywhere with you, from ship, to dinghy to shore.

Since it’s on your phone or Ipad it uses a tiny amount of power, is easy to recharge with a 12V charger and yet is capable of remembering a multitude of way-points, routes, etc.

You can share your routes and markers with others through Facebook or Twitter, so that people know exactly where to find you if you wish.

There are also other features such as tides, weather, and the accuracy of the depth contour is so great that you will know exactly if you are about to anchor on the edge of a drop.


For more info check it out at http://www.navionics.com.au/index.php/en/apps