Vacuwash is now available in Australia
Vacuwash is now available in Australia

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Every boat owner who has struggled to get rid of unsightly mold-stains on their sails and canvas can now breathe a sight of relief!

Where the only option in the past was to replace the sails or canvas, Vacuwash now has a unique technology to completely restore them, as well as protect them from further damage with the use of lubricant and fungicides. This lubrication is especially designed to help furl your sails, both headsails and in-mast/boom. Specific cleaning and rinsing solutions are used according to different fabrics.

Vacuwash is a gentle, non-abrasive washing method, using a vacuumed machine where a special cleaning solution is introduced under high vacuum state to ensure full penetration, without any scrubing, rubbing or tumbling action. A specific rinsing solution is then used according to each different fabric, after which the sails are hanged to dry in a dust-free and protected environment. This method and the products used have been tested in independent laboratories and do not harm the fabric in any way.

From an environmental point of view Vacuwash also ticks every boxes, recycling cleaning solution and using very little energy.

The result is truly amazing, and the life of your sails and canvas extended, as well as greatly improving the general appearance of your yacht.

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