Perfect your berthing techniques with our Nautilus Private Worskhops
Perfect your berthing techniques with our Nautilus Private Worskhops

The windy months are upon us…!
Twice 40 knots this week so far, and more on the way.
Last Saturday saw quite a few people at our local Yacht Club get a bit of a fright when a huge cruiser lost control reversing into his pen and destroyed the bow of another yacht.
Whether you are new to yachting, or have many years of experience under your belt, you may still find berthing the most stressful part of you whole sailing day.
To be honest, even professionals can’t help have a quickened heartbeat when trying to wedge a yacht with a few inches to spare, in high winds … and invariably under the expectant eyes of a dozen onlookers.
With our private workshops you will be able to learn the proper techniques to adapt to any given situations and practice in you own boat as many times as you like, be it reversing, bow-to, side-to, and in variety of angles to the wind if you wish to try other berths than your own during your 2-3 hours lesson.

Starting price is $295, which you can share with family or friends (up to 4), or with your berthing neighbors (which may be a good idea).

Call us on 02 9974 4096 to book your private workshop. Our instructors service Pittwater and Sydney Harbor areas 7 days/week between 8.30am and 6pm.