Come and Share your Passion for the Sea
Come and Share your Passion for the Sea

The concept of the ‘Nautilus Courtyard’ is to bring us all sailors together.

The Courtyard is open to the public during Nautilus Yacht Management’s office hours, that is every day between 9am and 6pm. Anyone interested in boating, fully fledge specialist or tradesman or just the boat-curious can come and ‘hang out’ with fellow kinsmen in our lovely courtyard. We have an ample supply of boat-related books to peruse over, including all the latest sailing and yachting magazines. It is completely free and do not require a subscription. We won’t even take your details. All we ask is you behave yourself like a true gentleman (or gentlewoman!) and that you don’t take off with our precious collection of books (or the coffee machine!).

As no club is complete without a good cup of tea or coffee (in fact, according to Wikipedia the concept of ‘Club’ fully took off in the 18th century around coffee, which around this time became widely popular) Nautilus Yacht Management has provided a beautiful Nespresso coffee machine simple to use and, with a wide range of delicious coffees to chose from, can promise you a lovely cup to share your yarns around.

For the coffee-totaler we also have a selection of teas, and home-baked muffins to chose from.

Coffee and tea are self-serve and a $2 donation is to be placed in the ‘Sailability’ collection box  on the counter. The money collected will go to our friends at Sailability Australia to help them continue with their awesome program.

Sailability is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to help anyone, regarding of their ability, have access to the joy of sailing. Their organisation is run entirely by volunteers and sustained by donations. So if you feel like being generous you can always put more in the box! Since Sailability Pittwater is just around the corner all the monies collected through the ‘Nautilus Courtyard’ will go straight to them, and we will be able to see first hand the difference even a few $100 can make for so many people less lucky than we are.

Check out their websites by clicking on the links below: