Vacuwash is now available in Australia
    Every boat owner who has struggled to get rid of unsightly mold-stains on their sails and canvas can now breathe a sight of relief! Where the only option in the past was to replace the sails or canvas, Vacuwash now has a unique technology to completely restore them, as well as protect them […]

Many people think of yacht clubs as snobby, self-important and overly serious confederations… think again! Palm Beach Yacht Club is refreshingly different. Sitting down for the club’s annual dinner for the first time, we were immediately taken in by the warm and relax atmosphere, conviviality, and true spirit of camaraderie. It was a truly fantastic […]

Peterson 26 quarter ton ‘Bus Stop’ ready for new adventures
Little Peterson 26 ‘Bus Stop’ lasted exactly one day on our books. We delivered her from Sydney Harbor… and sold her the next day to a lovely young South American vet who after completing Nautilus Yacht Management’s Sailing Intro level 1 and 2 has now taken flight on his own around Pittwater. ‘Bus Stop’ used […]

‘Tambourine Man’ off to her new home
‘Tambourine Man’ is a lovely and very solidly built Roberts 38. Her original owner sailed her all around Australia, up the top and across the Indian Ocean all the way to South Africa… and back. Her new owners, a young English couple, just bought her to take her on a honeymoon sail around the Pacific […]

To search, to strive, to find… and not to yield. (A. Lord Tennyson; The Ulysses)
A few days ago a copy of this incredible film landed on my desk. ‘Between Home’ This film has left us shaken… and awakened. Like Marc Twain eloquently said: ‘It is only the things you didn’t do that you will ultimately regret’. Nick Jaffe, has sailed, by himself, all the way from Holland to Australia […]

A seal in Pittwater!
A day at the office…! Just out on a glorious late winter day showing a Clansman 30 for sale to a little family. We all had a very special treat when a seal decided to pop her head up for a play and a bit of fish-throwing demonstration! Manly Aquarium? No, Pittwater. If there are […]

Come and Share your Passion for the Sea
The concept of the ‘Nautilus Courtyard’ is to bring us all sailors together. The Courtyard is open to the public during Nautilus Yacht Management’s office hours, that is every day between 9am and 6pm. Anyone interested in boating, fully fledge specialist or tradesman or just the boat-curious can come and ‘hang out’ with fellow kinsmen […]

Local artists celebrated
Nautilus Yacht Managementis proud to be able to welcome to our space two celebrated local artists: Mr Paul Brockelbank and Mr Eric Martel. Several of their works are already gracing our walls. Anyone is welcome to come and have a sneak peek at these beautiful, vibrant works. The idea is for Nautilus Yacht Management to […]